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Scribe Monthly Subscription Options

Each package is customized to fit your needs.


We are revolutionizing the legal industry by offering legal services via a subscription method of billing. This convenient and predictable system is effective and proactive. It’s a Fortune 500 legal department, scaled and priced for your company’s needs. 

Ever wonder how far your business could go with a dedicated team growing your trademarks and intellectual property assets, reviewing your legal risks, and negotiating the best deal on contracts?

Scribe® Advisory

Legal advisory services.
  • Ideal for small businesses that should be seeking legal advice, but don't have a trusted advisor on their team.
  • Team of dedicated legal advisors (over 50 years of experience combined), ready to help answer your questions.
  • Help deciding when you need an attorney and when you don't.
  • Quick response helps you avoid taking unnecessary risks.
  • Attorney access via text or email.
  • Only 1 year commitment [@ $87.00/month].
It's Time

Scribe® Complete

Your complete legal department.
  • Ideal for small businesses that need a proactive legal team to handle their legal needs. [Most Popular]
  • Everything in Scribe Advisory, PLUS:
  • Quarterly strategy sessions with CEO/Founder/President, as needed.
  • Includes a team of outsourced counsel for small business law matters, contracts, real estate, employment law, and intellectual property law strategy.
  • Special attention given to risk assessment, intellectual property protection, and capitalization of business opportunities.
  • Includes customized 12-month plan with deliverables [Perfect for Start-Ups and Companies entering a Growth Phase].
  • Small Businesses only, please (less than $500,000 revenue).
  • Access to team of attorneys via phone, text and email.
  • Small Businesses only, please (less than $500,000 revenue).
  • Only 1 year commitment [@ $497.00 per month].
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Scribe® Choice

Legal Services by Project.
  • Ideal for small businesses that have limited legal projects throughout the year, and just need a plan for completing a project (a business formation, a single contract, a trademark registration, etc.)
  • Choose a project, and the legal work is all-inclusive. No more worrying about billable hours.
  • A specific plan is agreed to, and includes all attorney work time, filing fees, and deliverables.
  • Your project is assigned to an experienced attorney who will be your single point of contact.
  • Access your dedicated attorney via phone, text and email.
  • Small Businesses only, please (less than $500,000 revenue).
  • No commitment, packages range from $1,497+, ask about our payment plans.
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*One-year commitment required for Scribe Advisory and Scribe Complete. 

*Any additional projects or hourly work beyond your customized package will be billed at the current rates. We can help you plan the year and work load to help you select the best package for your budget and piece of mind.

The problem, as we see it.

Time and time again, business executives come to us after finding themselves in a less-than-ideal situation because they failed to secure general counsel for fear that it would be too costly. They found that they wasted thousands of dollars each year – sometimes millions – in badly negotiated contracts, risk situations that could have been averted, or lost opportunity costs (such as unprotected intellectual property and trademarks), down time and resources spent on matters that could have been avoided, and potential lost business opportunities.


The solution, Scribe®.

A monthly legal subscription service, with your best interests in mind.

We offer a monthly subscription service, Scribe®, which encourages conversation between attorney and client to review legal matters, risks, opportunities, and strategy. The goal is to offer exceptional legal services by truly understanding the business and its key executives via the monthly meetings, and to offer the company a predictable cost structure for its legal counsel needs, all while managing risks and capitalizing on opportunities so that the company can grow uninterrupted.

A new type of law service.

Subscribe to a package that fits to your needs.

We are revolutionizing the legal industry by offering companies options for payment, through a monthly subscription for legal services, which we call Scribe®. This program offers affordable legal services that are a convenient and predictable way to manage your legal needs. This system encourages business owners to reach out with questions and concerns, while encouraging your dedicated attorney to understand your industry and focus on your business needs. We are flexible, and also offer flat fee billing and traditional retainer billing.

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