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Is Amazon the New Government? Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0

Drones, Alexa, and exponential growth are a few things that come to mind when Amazon is the topic of discussion. The company had humble beginnings as a bookstore, but no one would call it a mere book store these days. Of course you can still buy a book on Amazon, you can stream music and...
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Trademarking TRUMP® – Lessons from the White House

Is President Trump the most business savvy of all United States presidents? The outcome of this debate may be uncertain, but if the number of trademarks were an indication of business savvy, he probably takes the lead. Trademarks are an essential component of running a business. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is...
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Celebrate Your Business Milestones

In March, SnyderLAW celebrated our “business birthday.” An article on Forbes.com points out that “Success is a function of your team’s efforts, and you have to celebrate those efforts if you want to foster positive morale going forward.”  With that in mind we wanted to ask these important positive growth questions – What is your...
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