LookBook™: Trademark Watch


A service that watches your registered patent, trademark and copyrights.
Definition of “look book” from Google.

A service that watches your registered trademark, logo, and design for similar marks, in real-time, to locate and derail potential infringers. 

A look book is a term used in the fashion industry to describe a model’s resume of photographs, which identify their particular skills and styles.

We chose to name our service after the models’ look books because we feel that your trademarks, logos, patents and designs define your business. They are a collection of elements that make your particular products and services stand out.

Comprehensive U.S. Watch Package* Includes:

Our most comprehensive service for domestic marks, other packages available upon request.

USPTO Gazette Watch

We watch your trademark each week against all newly published U.S. Federal trademark applications. Reports of conflicting marks are available five business days after the Gazette is published.

State Trademark Watch

We watch your trademark each week against new additions to a proprietary database of trademark registrations from the 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Common Law Watch

We also watch against our comprehensive business name database, the common law database, and even a domain name database. We will alert you if we find anything that might compromise the value of your trademark.

the story behind

The LookBook™

Are your registered trademarks and logos protected? What if someone registers a trademark similar to yours? How do you know if your goodwill is in danger of losing its value? What if someone files a state trademark or business entity using your name? How do you know if your mark is being infringed? What would happen if you were forced to re-brand?

“LookBook” is the name of our trademark watching service. We can keep a close watch across the U.S. to keep your investment in intellectual property safe and secure.