Scribe® Advisory

Scribe® Advisory

Legal advice without the worry of billable time.

Did you know that many businesses fail due to avoidable mistakes? Let Scribe Advisory help you avoid the legal pitfalls, so that your new business can grow, uninterrupted.

Starting at $1,000/month

  • A dedicated team of attorneys, educated about your business.
  • Weekly Check-In Call
  • Access via Phone
  • Access via Email
  • Legal Advice & Support
  • Business Advice & Support
  • Priority Scheduling for Important Projects

[Initial Consultation to review your business needs: $500]

Not sure this is right for you?

Learn more about Scribe® Choice or Scribe® Complete.

Scribe® Choice is a great option if you have projects that are not time sensitive and can be completed over the course of a month or two. This option is a great way to get what you need and control costs over time. If and when a big project comes up you have the opportunity to add on a special project to your monthly Scribe® at a Preferred Rate.

Scribe® Complete is the ideal option for a business that does require items with immediate deadlines. This is a proactive approach to your legal and business needs. This option is ideal if you are managing multiple copyrights, trademarks, patents, contracts and more. A project price is determined based on your particular companies needs and attention.