Scribe® Choice

Scribe® Choice

Legal advice + support.

Opportunities seem endless, but also overwhelming. We will guide you through contract formation, intellectual property, business branding, entity formation, and funding. We will work with you to determine your most immediate needs. Then we’ll prioritize each project or matter, and have a portion completed for you each month.

Business runs the world. But legal matters can pull you down, and a seemingly small mistake can set you back – with an unnecessary law suit, a missed opportunity, or loosing precious time and energy that could be devoted to growing your business. With Scribe Choice, a properly conducted negotiation can be the difference between an executed co-marketing agreement with the big guys resulting in thousands of sales — and wasting weekends and sleepless nights as a partnership falls through. Choose wisely.

Starting at $5,000/month

Everything in Scribe Advisory, PLUS

Assessment, prioritization, and management of your company’s legal concerns

Team of experienced attorneys

Legal matters and projects completed ongoing

Uninterrupted legal support

Starting at $5,000/month.

[Initial Consultation to review your business needs: $997]

Not sure this is right for you?

Learn more about Scribe® Advisory or Scribe® Complete.

Scribe® Advisory is a great option if you simply need advisory and strategic support.

Scribe® Complete is the ideal option for a business that does require items with immediate deadlines. This is a proactive approach to your legal and business needs. This option is ideal if you are managing multiple copyrights, trademarks, patents, contracts and more.