Top 9 Reasons to Use a Loan Processor Instead of a Bank

Did you know that in good times, up to 50% of loans are declined due to improper loan packaging?

Snyder Law recently partnered with 11 Capital Finance to support businesses with their SBA funding needs. As you can probably guess, we do not want to see any of our clients or their companies struggle due to the current situation, so Snyder Law recently partnered with 11 Capital Finance to support businesses with their SBA funding needs.

We partnered with 11 Capital Finance because they are a loan packaging company and their values are the same as ours at Snyder Law. Their job is to hold the company’s “hand;” to make sure the application is complete the first time and to ensure their clients are at the front of the line to receive their emergency relief funding.

So, I invite you to start the application process by filling out our intake form here: www.snyderbusinesslaw.com/sba-loan.

Top 9 Reasons to Use Our Team Instead of a Bank:

1.     Experience with SBA funding. 11 Capital Finance is a privately held company which has been working hand in hand with the SBA for over 25 years. 

2.     Trusted Partner. Snyder Law is your trusted legal partner, and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction and make sure you are confident in your decisions.

3.     Access to the Lenders. 11 Capital Finance has been working with private lenders for over 25 years. They can access their knowledge and lending requirements with a phone call. Our access to the underwriters translates into quick answers for your individualized requests. 

4.     Packaging Experts. Unfortunately, most of the businesses that apply will not qualify due to improper packaging. In the best of times, 50% of all loans are declined due to improper loan packaging. Additionally, many of the SBA programs are complicated loan files to compile. With 25 years of experience, 11 Capital Finance will make sure it’s done right.

5.     Expedited Funding. Using a trained loan expert who is working directly everyday with the SBA and private lenders will expedite loan funding from possibly waiting months to only days. 

6.     Navigating the Process. Applications on the Federal website are incomplete for actual SBA approvals. By the time an SBA lender contacts you requesting the complete package, there will be tens of thousands of applicants in front of your request. The complete application requires a list of additional documents. The SBA is not providing customer service or other resources to help businesses with their application or documentations. And unfortunately, the longer it takes a business to complete the application, the further down the line you fall in receiving the funding you need.

7.     Resubmission. Mistakes happened and details are sometimes missed (we’re human, too), but with direct access to the lenders, we can correct these mishaps as soon as they are recognized. So, instead of your application being rejected or moved to the bottom of a pile, it’s directed back to us for resubmission.

8.     Support Local. 11 Capital Finance is located in Greater Philadelphia, with its headquarters in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Snyder Law serves privately held businesses and family owned companies throughout the region and is located in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

9.     No additional fee. There are no upfront fees and the SBA has waived all application fees. There will be a standard 2% origination fee when funds are dispersed that come out of loan proceeds, which is the same no matter which lender funds your loan. Working with Snyder Law and 11 Capital Finance is a free bonus, and a financially sound decision. 

Snyder Law has recommended that their clients apply to the SBA (7a) Loan (the Paycheck Protection Program or PPP) for the maximum amount available as the loan is forgivable, so long as it is used for payroll expenses (and a few other business-related expenses). There’s no reason not to get started: so, we invite you to begin the application process by filling out our intake form here: www.snyderbusinesslaw.com/sba-loan.

If you need help, you can schedule a complimentary call here: https://calendly.com/jpeyton/sba-loan

Janelle Snyder Peyton is the CEO and Managing Partner of Snyder Law, an award-winning boutique law firm providing the highest quality general counsel and intellectual property legal services to companies at predictable and reasonable rates via a service called Scribe®. The firm offers brand building strategies through corporate and intellectual property law, including business entity formation, contract drafting and review, joint venture agreements, trademark and copyright protection, and licensing & franchising.